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WELCOME! I'm so excited you're here. 

What is Fierce Rich Money?

It's not like the other debt and budgeting programs out there.

  • You won't budget with money you haven't earned yet.
  • You won't pay off debt first.
  • You're allowed to go to Starbucks.
  • You'll learn why frugal is bad.

It's the best resource to get your finances in your control, deal with any debt, and grow your wealth.

I want to change my life



Things I've discovered:

  • FRUGAL keeps you poor.
  • Credit cards are a useful tool.
  • Starbucks is not the enemy.
  • You need build wealth while paying down debt.
  • You don't have to buy a home.

Debt Free Living

If you weren't in debt, how would your life be different?

Obviously, you would no longer have financial anxiety, you wouldn't lose sleep over how you're going to pay bills, and you wouldn't be hiding from collection agencies.

Would you go on great vacations? Would you buy a house in a neighborhood you love? Maybe tell your boss what you're really thinking?

I want to change my life

You're tired of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

  • You're exhausted from the stress.
  • The anxiety keeps you up at night.
  • You've tried budgeting in the past but it didn't work.
  • You get that feeling in the pit of your stomach on birthdays, holidays and dentist appointments.
  • Your entire paycheck goes to your bills and now you wait until the next payday so you can do it all over again.
  • You use self-checkout so if your card is declined, you can get out quickly.
  • The envelope system works for only 2 weeks because you don't have the time to go to the bank every week.
  • Jealous of others because they can go on a great vacation and you can't even go away for a weekend.
  • Work a ton of hours and then told to get a side hustle.
  • My all time favorite - "Just ask your boss for a raise." HA!

I've been there too.

Founder of Fierce Rich Money

Hi, I'm Eva

I'm a woman on a mission to help others get out of debt, grow their wealth and have options on life.

I was good at making money, just not good at keeping it.

I've lost sleep, had out of control anxiety, couldn't do the things I wanted to do and experience.

At 42 I had my son. I wish I could tell you that's when it got better and things fell into place but no, I stunk at money and now I'm stinking at money for 2.

I turned to the expert - Google. What a mistake!

The "experts" shamed me, made me feel guilty and gave me bad and outdated information on how to get out of debt.

I pieced together a plan that put me on the right path to get out of debt and grow my wealth. It wasn't easy. Lots trial and error but I learned every step of the way.

I'm not a financial advisor. I'm a mom who accidentally figured it out.

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What's Important to You?

There's no wrong answer. You get to decide.

For me it's experiences and the occasional designer item.

Here I am in Rome with my son and my Chanel glasses.

For you, it may be it's volunteering for an important cause. Girls weekends. A car that doesn't need servicing ever other month. You get to decide.

Financial Independence gives you options in life.

You can do all the things you've dreamed of.

What are you dreaming of?

Get Out Of Debt And Grow Your Wealth With The Fierce Rich Money Course

Cut through the lies you've been told & finally end your struggle with money.

I want to change my life

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