Don't Put Extra To Debt

barebonesbudget budget budgeting debt debtsnowball finance frugal save Mar 24, 2023

Stop putting extra money to debt!

Oh yes, I said it, stop putting extra money to debt. Between inflation and job uncertainty, stop putting extra to debt.  

Things are scary right now, unless you’re an executive at an oil company because they’re making record profits.

Do you have at least 3-6 months of living expenses saved? If not, you need to start now. You need at least 3 months, but 6 months is ideal.

This is your Bare Bones Budget.

This is a budget that includes absolute essential expenses. The expenses you need for survival.

You are going to figure out what you need a month for housing, food, transportation, and utilities. You are not going to include eating or going out.

If the worst happens, this is the budget you’re going to use. You will cut out discretionary spending and prioritize the basics.

Once you have saved 3 months, preferable 6 months saved then you can start putting extra towards debt.

I believe you can pay off debt and not give up every joyful thing in life. However, that being said, you do need to make sacrifices to get out of debt.

Looking at the bare bones budget, could you try it for 1 month? Maybe add in just one or two luxuries. For me it’s my pedicures in the summer and my Fab Fit Fun box. Those two things bring me so much joy.

Try it for just one month, see what happens. Maybe do it every other month. Seeing your debt go down may be the motivation you need to stick with it for a while.