Normal Budgeting Advice For Real People

accountablilitypartner budget budgeting finance money Feb 26, 2024

Where’s the normal advice?

Years ago when I started my first debt free journey I turned to the internet. All advice falls into a few categories. There’s the frugal camp. These are the ones telling you to melt down all your old slivers of soap to make a new bar of soap. WTAF? Use cloth for toilet paper. Ewwww.

Then there are the Ivy League school grad types who graduated without student loan debt, worked high income jobs and saved $120K in a few months.

Then you have the famous guru who shames and belittles you. Tell you that you must buy a house with cash. I don’t know where you live but where I live you cannot save enough to buy a house with cash in a few years.

So I logged out of Google.

It took some time, but I figured things out. I did it without melting down soap or being called a moron.

It’s disheartening to turn to so called experts only to find crazy advice. Where’s the normal advice?

My course is based on what I did when I first got out of debt all those years ago. After over 2 years of unemployment, I’m back in debt.

I couldn’t come up with a name. So I just picked something. After talking with a friend this past weekend, I told her about not being able to come up with a good name for the program. I told her it’s a normal way for everyday people to get out of debt and set yourself up for building financial security. It’s not extreme. You do have to make some sacrifices to get to the goal post. But it’s not crazy. You can go to Starbucks. It’s not a one size fits all. I think people are smart enough to figure out what works best for them. It’s a normal way for people to get out of debt. Normal? OMG normal. That’s it. It’s a NORMAL way to financial independence.

That is why you need to surround yourself with a good tribe. You can bounce things off each other. Get and give advice.

I’m not telling you there’s only one right way to pay off debt. I’m not telling you that you will reach your financial goals in a few weeks. Everyone’s financial situation is different.

I don’t shame and judge you. We are all people who have made mistakes and will probably continue to make more mistakes. Welcome to life.

I do help educate you on financial concepts and how your mindset affects your debt. Together we will follow practical tips and strategies so we can make wise decisions.

I will remind you that at times it’s going to be tough, and you will want to give up. I’m right there with you. We will be there for each other.

I will always be honest. An accountability partner is one of the best things ever. I need you to be my accountability partner.

I also never guilt you into buying the course. Or lead you into a sales funnel and if you don’t buy it now, the price will go up in 20 seconds. There will never be an upsell. I’ve been taken advantage of by those tactics. I won’t do that to you.

So those are my promises to you.