About Eva

Hello, I'm Eva

Founder, Creator, and Top Dog of Fierce Rich Money

I'm a mom, friend, sister, aunt, lover of coffee and handbags. P.S you’re never too bloated to buy a handbag.

When the world fell apart in March of 2020, I lost my job. Did I mention I purchased my new car one day before lockdown. 

Big picture, my family was very lucky. But I was unemployed for over 2 years. I went through my savings, my security and ended up with over $40,000 of consumer debt. I didn't spend it on designer handbags, it was on groceries and car insurance.

I had gotten out of this before, I knew I could do it again. While looking for a new job, I began writing down what I did the last time to get out of debt.

Before I knew my course was born. It helped me once, it will help me again. I am my best testimonial. 


When I started my first debt free journey I turned to the internet. I was overwhelmed by the bad advice, misinformation and lies being told to us.

The frugal camp tells us to melt down your old slivers of soap to make a new bar. WTAF? Use cloth for toilet paper. Ewwww. You can't save your way to wealth.

Then there are the Ivy League grads who graduated without student loan debt, worked high income jobs while living rent free and saved $120K in 3 years.

Then there’s the famous guru who calls you an idiot and tells you that you have to buy a house with cash. You cannot do that where I live.

The most important thing I learned on my journey to financial security is wealth isn’t only about money. It’s also about peace of mind. It’s being able to say yes to experiences. It’s also about being able to no to things. It’s about options.

Life is stressful. Money can’t buy happiness. When you’re not stressed about money, dealing with the other things, is easier.

I logged out of Google to save my sanity.

It took some time but I figured it out by myself. I refused to make my own soap or wipe with an old tee shirt. I graduated from a state school at age 38, something I'm really proud of. I'm not an idiot or moron. 

I learned that you don't need to live like a monk and give up everything. There is a Sane Middle Road. Should you go to Starbucks three times a day while getting out of debt? NO! Can you cut it down to once or twice a week? Yes!

Extreme budgets don't work. You can get out of debt without those extreme sacrifices but you do have to make some sacrifices.

You also need to get you head on straight. All the other programs don't deal with what's going on in your head. My program does.

One more thing about me, like you, I'm a busy person. I don't like to waste time. If you join me on this debt free ride, I promise not to waste our time together.


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